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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  September 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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another possible confession from the northeast ohio man investigators are calling a serial killer. a man spotted trying to break into a child's window near the scene of an attempted abduction. terror. we know that man accused of placing bombs in new york and new jersey. as we get a look at your tuesday it is going to be nothing short of amazing. welcome to it. september 20 and we are holding
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mid-to upper 80s inland and low 80s around cleveland. 82 yesterday. it should be similar for today. upper 60s at 9 am and well on our way at noon. 78. 82 for the high. partly cloudy sky possible as a weak front moves through but it is clear as can be at the moment. there are a few showers with the disturbance but they are fading fast as it moves in our direction if anything we just get some cloud cover and translates to partly cloudy conditions for a short time. now let's check traffic. i have the sunglasses in my purse so i am ready. as you look at the traffic map we stand for those who need the
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south. here is near the airport 77 mount pleasant. everyone is getting by just fine on both sides. north and southbound moving well. all green between 271 and 76. in the north all green again. a bit of slow traffic on us 20 westbound but that's only a the man investigators are calling a serial killer may confess to another murder. >> tiffany tarpley joins us with more. >> reporter: it is leaving many people on edge. wondering what is next. shawn grate pleaded not guilty to murder charges in connection with the bodies found in the ashland home last week.
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story. on the same day of the court hearing marion county sheriff said he admitted to killing a woman about 10 years ago. her body is so badly decomposed that investigators had to make renderings. in richland county investigators say he confessed to killing a woman in june. her body was found last week but has not been identified. his mother told the daily mail her son could have more victims. and others who live in ashland are wondering how close they could have come >> my guts said no. any woman has a gut feeling. i did. and i cannot want to go with him. >> reporter: coming up with that you know the latest on the new search in mansfield and if it could be connected to the shawn grate.
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they believe look into a girls window and tried to break in. >> this happened sunday around 1 am on river road. the mom told police she was across the street from her home and she saw the man and screamed and scare him away. the men got away in a blue or green colored four-door car possibly a chevy. he's described in his mid-20s to early 30s, five at 7 inches to 6 feet tall light brown hair cut in a flat top. that description is similar to a man want abduction and attempted abduction cases in our area, north ridgeville and cleveland over the last several months. right now investigators say they are not making any link to those cases. ahmad rahami has been charged with five counts of attempted murder in the bombings in new york and new jersey. he was rested after gunfight with officers after the
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had no idea about his son's actions and that his heart is heavy. he said the bombings are considered an act of terror but they believe it's a lone wolf attack and not with ties to a larger group. a big scare here in ohio. a beer keg found on the side of the parkway shut down traffic for over one hour. the metal cylinder with three red stripes around it was sitting on the sidewalk outside the foodbank in the call came in as a sinton robots to approach the cylinder and determine what it was. discussions continue into a possible merger with east cleveland. cleveland city council talked about some of the concerns. president kevin kelly said the city must get a handle on the finances liabilities and infrastructure. he stressed the merger would require millions of dollars from the state and decision to merge or not would have to be
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cities. candidate donald trump returns to ohio tomorrow. he will make a stop in cleveland heights in an effort to connect with african- american community. pastor darrell scott says trump will visit his church. hughley is a large statewide group of pastors and 4 event on african-american concerns. he will also visit toledo tomorrow. we definitely see a trend. brown to bed 2 losing makes and lost 2 quarterbacks. cody kessler now throw into the fire sunday at miami. he takes over for josh mccown while he recovers from a shoulder injury. mckown is out this week and then they will call it a today but you have to think he's going to miss more time. kessler was the third round draft pick and saw some
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the knock against and from some scouts is his arm strength but we will see in his first nfl test this sunday. the browns inside charlie whitehurst as the backup. 34 years old he saw limited duties last year with the titans. trump twitter backlash. why the candidate's son compared refugees to poison candy. white a breakfast staple is being recalled for health reasons. you need sunglasses today. we will see lots of sunshine.
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a tweet from donald trump's son is taking center stage but not in a good way. >> o-ring kyle is following the story. this one is making headlines. the son of donald trump is under fire after he tried to explain the refugee crisis in he tweeted a photo yesterday and asked if i had a bowl full of skittles and 20 just three would kill you would you take a handful? that is a searing everyone problem. many people are bashing them online saying over suffice the problem and also the refugees are not were city. the trump campaign is not responded yet. hundreds of firefighters are battling a wildfire and vandenberg air force base. in santa barbara county
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and so far there is no containment. only essential personnel are working on base and 50 homes in the area were evacuated. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. lego that ago. kellogg is recalling 10,000 cases of waffles for possible listeria contamination. the recall affects 25 states including right here in ohio. it affects the 10 count pack all we waffle with use by date of november 2 the compass of the recall does not impact any other products. disney wants to send your family on vacation at the star and the new commercial. and you'll get paid $10,000. the commercial is being filmed in iceland and all travel expenses will be paid. to qualify all large families consume an application but only to parents and two kids will go on the trip. cummons must have passports ready because filming is in two
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must be between 8-16. circle also have have -- happened during the school year from october 1-15. is able to miami talent with pictures and a story. i don't qualify. i'm not 20 yet. >> if we lie and say i'm still 50 i mid-because i've always wanted to go to iceland. >> i could spend two weeks in reykjavmk. you are still under 50. we don't like about our age around here. >> i'm 29. >> i want to go to iceland. good luck. i'm excited for all of you. we have a beautiful day
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it is warming up. sunshine and more trending 10 degrees above normal. highs even this morning and we start to feel more fall like this weekend. i was buying caramel apples of the day like fall. upper 70s at noon. low 80s at 5:00. a stunning day. next several hours we see lots of sunshine. i do think there could be a little cloud cover a few drifting through but it is clear now as you wake up and the reason for the slight cloud
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to our west. over some showers earlier but they are fading fast. as this continues to push east we might have some cloud cover but i think my most -- mostly sunny skies. doesn't this map make you happy? through the rest of the week it is still summertime warm. we are and look. here is tomorrow morning around the same time and temperatures again in the 50s and 60s. it's been that just right kind of weather for sleep and that warms up in the afternoon. take it in. thursday fall arrives 10:20 1 am. and we have another son filled forecast. it does start to feel more like fall this weekend. and i'm talking in a season
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great weather this week and though 70s this weekend. but is will not do a lot as far as shower chances. lows a bit cooler in the low 50s after that front comes through this weekend. right now we have an accident 71 northbound as you approach west 25th. board is the car went off of the road into the grassy area. here is a picture behind it not seeing any delays in this area. and here 71 at west want to get
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as you go around the curve it's a two minute delay. other than that we're looking great on the traffic map. coming up will move to shaker heights because we have a delay in shaker heights for the next several days. today in sports let's start with what could be the most heated rivalry in baseball. this is giants and dodgers. we already know the history between madison bumgarner a routine grounder he yelled at him for looking at him. don't look at me. than they had a staring contest. that leads to this. the benches cleared and it fueled the fire if he's to meet in the playoffs. the history cleveland did a bat for after hitting a home run off bumgarner and returned the favor by hitting him with a pitch. we might see these two in the playoffs.
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the rangers have had lots of -- rangers can celebrate. ian desmond with the game- winning hit. watch the screen in the corner. it's a double bath. they know what they are doing. the water get red combo. they get both the winning run and the winning hit. race. we get back to your photographs tomorrow. the moment your champion or all- stars email them to me or tweak them. i'm a little low in the photo department so let's honor your kids and the great seasons they have had. don't look at me.
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>> but they have all of the bodies come in. >> in baseball -- >> settle down boys. changes are coming for the sole driving cars of the future. what automakers need to do to
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we've been talking about the recent bombings in new york and new jersey and they have the presidential candidates weighing in. >> tracie potts has that part of the story. >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton and donald trump was talking about how to fight rr about immigration. this suspect is an american citizen but also was born in afghanistan. there has been concerns he was radicalized and donald trump says the problem here is we are too soft on immigration. he thinks we should restrict people coming from countries where we know there is a problem with terror and when they get here the we should ask
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that's for hillary clinton draws the line saying a religious test is not who we are and know we can do in the united states. and someone who has more experience with making these types of decisions as she does should be in the oval office. a new debate about fighting terror and immigration. president barack obama will be in new york today speaking to the united nations. both candidates are meeting with world leer of this meeting today. hillary clinton might be getting a huge vote of support from the other side. politico reports former president george w bush will vote for her this fall. the daughter of robert kennedy apparently posted on facebook that bush told her he would cast is valid for the democrat in november. in may the president did say he and his son would not back
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nothing but delightful weather today. more sunshine on tuesday and it is going to be warm. we are comfortable as you wake up. the air is feeling fresh upper 50s to low 60s. and we will climb fast. sun is up at 7:13. 78 at noon which is already 70s. we will top that by 10. on the travel map it is clear as can be. a weak front to the west which could give us some partly cloudy skies later today but other than that it's looking great. high-pressure continues to control our weather and on the travel map it's not limited to northeast ohio. it is summer and holding on hard.
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explain that to me again please. alright, here's the deal. i'm gonna pretend i'm with the irs. i'm gonna say you owe back taxes and threaten you with jail time. that'll scare you into giving me a whole bunch of your money. i also need your social security number, too, because then i can really take you to the cleaners. unfortunately, it's never this obvious. that's why we're here. dedicated to protecting ohio families against frauds and scams.
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let's start with breaking news. there has been another smash and grab robbery this time at a clark station on east 200 state in euclid. what unusual about this one is the money was taken on the atm but the atm was left behind. the van used has been told we and was stolen in euclid. the work half a dozen smash and grab robberies around the state. police in elyria looking to report of a man who tried to sunday morning. girl's mother told police she was across the street when she saw the man tried to get into her daughter's bedroom window. she screamed and scare him away. this case has similar is to objections and attempted abductions in elyria north ridgeville and cleveland. right now investigators say they are not making any connections. more details on this case coming up.
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was shot overnight. this happened on starr avenue near east 77. he was shot in the back and taking tears the hospital. police tonight given information about a suspect. we're seeing some signs of fall. some colors changing but now -- not with the temperature >> it feels very much like summer. >> we are grabbing the bathing suit back in going to the pool. it's going to end up that warm again today. low 80s for 10 degrees above normal. we will enjoy it and take it because things will cool down coming up. 78 at lunchtime and we should be 72 for the high. we see lots of sunshine today. i say partly cloudy because we have a disturbance to the west with showers right now but they are fizzling out as they move
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more of a partly cloudy sky at times. on future view take this into mid-to-late morning we have beautiful weather and more of that as you go into the afternoon. coming home from work getting the kids from school or some grilled dinner because it is so nice. this evening will be another beautiful one. now let's check the commute. we are green on the traffic map you're waiting for this accident to clear on 71 n. at denison and w. 65th st. the right lane is blocked but you are not seeing delays. this will typical slow traffic 71 n. as you approach in about bridge. traffic is building but only about a one or two minute delay. also beeper for delays on the
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south park for the next 10 days between 7 am and 7 pm because of the gas line replacement. they are converting the southbound lanes to two-way traffic on the southbound lanes so that means they delays in the area and frequent stops. we can learn more today about a new search that might connect to expected east ohio serial killer. >> an >> reporter: we know that local and state investigators were led to a vacant building in downtown mansfield. they were searching for evidence of connection with a woman who died in 2015. that search happened last night so we could learn more later today. but so far man's the police have not said why they are searching that place. and if this has anything to with the suspect it's a real
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say he had made another confession to killing a woman about a decade ago. these are renderings of the victim whose body was badly decomposed. so far he is pleaded not guilty to murder charges in connection with bodies found in ashland county last week. this is a developing story and we are sinning get new information about every day. mr has brought shame and embarrassment to the city of cleveland. >> vocal opposition from cleveland city council zack reed of the controversy proposal to rename a section of cedar avenue after boxing promoter don king. is the same area king once stopped a man to death and ran a numbers racket. the ordinance is one kevin kelly says the city will not take up soon. >> to meet there's a lot of
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deal with and this is not -- this is not in front of us. we have a lot of other important things to get done. >> at the meeting council to go resolution on the national issues supporting native americans in there opposition -- their opposition to the decoder pipeline. they say the pipe and threats that biomass resources throughout the midwest video released by the tulsa police shows a moment police officers fatally shot and tasered a man. in the chopper?can video you can see terrence crutcher walking toward his suv with his hands up and police trailed behind with weapons drawn. that's when they say he reached into his suv. the tulsa police chief said no weapon was found on him or inside his car. he was stopped because police responded to a stalled vehicle. un says a convoy was bombed in syria where a cease-fire to
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to an end. that means civilians were caught in the crossfire and are still waiting for desperately needed supplies. the cease-fire was one week long and is and is something warplanes hit a level. frontline fighters shot at one another during the cease-fire any side blamed the other for not keeping the troops. chris brown is scheduled to appear in court for his assault with a deadly weapon. he was woman said he pointed a gun at her and his california home last month. he was freed on $250,000 bond. his attorney, the allegations demonstrably false. every automaker is jumping into the self driving car game but there are rules they will have to follow. department of transportation released policies meant to balance safety innovation. regulations include 15 point safety check that will evaluate crashworthiness, safeguards against hacking, and what happened to the automated system fails.
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market government inspections on egyptology is not just because of self-driving cars it comes as cars are coming up with features like lane assist or automatic parking and some features we already have an hour cars that are not as regulated. >> i see myself trusting the self driving cars >> that's why the regulations are important. everyone has that feeling of what happens? >> i just want to stay home. >> in your man cave. coming up. self driving or not i have a hands-free bluetooth headset that is ingenious and will charge itself. under $20 coming your way. another great weather day. your skies as you wake up with so much sunshine again and it's going to warm up.
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why the comedian -- white jim carrey is being sued over his girlfriend's suicide. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me.
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one year after his girlfriend committed suicide, jim carrey is facing the civil lawsuit. >> tim tebow baseball jerseys
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sn situation. jim carrey is no valley to fight a civil lawsuit in the case of his girlfriend's death. it was filed by his estranged husband to says jim carrey provide the prescription drugs she used to overdose last year. ambien oxycodone were found in her system and the pill bottles had the name arthur king on them. he says this exploit him and he's not going to let the ex-husband profit from her death. if you are tim tebow then you can now get his meds jersey. and if you're really truly a tim tebow fan realize he does not play for the mac so why is a jersey on sale? look at pedro gomez from espn tweeting out a screen grab from mlb website. $119 for a hypothetical meds jersey. and then here where he was
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autographs and here is a baseball. this tebow jersey on sale outside for $120. it's a deal people will buy them for some them outside the struction we practice were he's trying out. when he was asked if he thought it was all a stunt he said he did not think it was. if you are a spice girls fan they are reuniting for the 20th anniversary. the catch is only three of them agreed to reunite. posh and sporty spice are not taking part that is a tray back him and melanie chisholm. the other girls are holding conditions for replacements in the group has not said what they really would include if it's an album or a tour but we will hear when you saw. i guess if you follow victoria beckham oratory can tell what you want what you really really want? >> good one. billionaires getting together for lunch.
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here is matt granite. good morning. i like dj deal journalist but that is fine. in my hands now an item i will actually calm ingenious. i hands-free the first hands-free bluetooth headset i've done. but anything happened your car. higher sound quality. is ingenious because it charges itself. no worrying about outlets or any of that garbage. this is ready to go things to its dock. i love this. you get ability. devices and have same weight as a credit card which is amazing
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in the dock. want to keep the dog charged once a while but you compare the two in its charging without an outlet. best deal hands down. number one thing on the website now it's going to sell out. a link is on and intern cody put to the test. >> i've had other bluetooth in this performs better. the microphone is so close to the mouth perfect location. also the call quality is very good. when i called matt problem hearing me and i had no problem hearing him. and also this comes with a nice usb charger it is plug in the computer and you are good to go. >> i will say it does survive the matt granite jump test. let's give it a jump. it is still in. not a paid products.
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amazing. >> matt fisher was 50 minutes left. >> i have nothing else to go. >> it's amazing. it is still in. it's not even issue. >> it never gets old. >> he's over in the studio still jumping >> i can hear it al kids are rejoicing. mine came thomas quinn yesterday and there's this energy. it feels so nice. it's basic and get out and enjoy playtime outside. what a week it has been already. only a few days in and we're holding onto summer. upper 50s to low 60s. 10 degrees above normal without
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feeling for sure. in the meantime 68 at 9 am. 78 at lunchtime and 82 is where we end up for the high temperature. we are around 60 degrees in most spots. will see a big jump at sun comes up in half-hour. mild warm weather. it is lovely. we have clear skies and will see lots of sunshine today but there is a weak disturbance to the west. showers are fading as they move eastward so i'm not concerned at all about rain or a shower that we could see partly cloudy skies at time as this works east over us. otherwise lots of sunny smiles
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such a great stretch into the middle of the week. clear skies prevail and that will mean another nice night tonight. comfortable sleeping again. we bring on more sunshine for wednesday. fall programs officially thursday morning 10:21. nothing but summer feeling on thursday as well. low to mid 80s for the week for the weekend a front most thorough. it does not look like it will be impressive as far as rain chances but it will bring us back to more seasonal weather with highs in the low 70s. doggone weather. this is a good one. mako is enjoying the dog days of summer. he was to get as much sunbathing etsy can before the weather changes.
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>> a new search and potential break in the cold case. the latest development in the case of us at that that sara
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investigators are calling him a serial killer and they say he's even made a new confession. the marion county sheriff says shawn grate confessed to killing a woman about a decade ago he's pleaded not guilty to other murders in ashland and how we're learning of a new search in mansfield that brought investigators to a vacant downtown building. evidence related to the death of rebekah leicy in march 2015. it was not ruled a homicide but it's unclear exactly why they decided to search that building now and if it has anything to with shawn grate. developing news out of elyria where police are looking for a man who was seen looking into a window and then tried to get inside. this happened sunday around 1 am
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police she was across the street when she saw the man and then screamed and ran toward him scaring them away. the man drove away in a blue or green colored four-door car possibly a chevy. he described as being in 20s to early 30s between 5'7" and 6 feet tall with light brown hair cut in a flat top. this disruption is similar to a man wanted in connection with three objections and attended election cases ridgeville and cleveland over the last several months. fbi is investigating those cases but now police say they are not connecting it to this latest attempt. here's a live look and euclid where police investigating another smash and grab. what's unusual about this is the money was taken from the atm but the atm was left behind. the man -- van used was stolen and euclid and the half-dozen smash and grab robberies around yesterday morning. talks continue in a
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city council members discussed some concerns and council president kelly said the city must get a handle on the finances liabilities and infrastructure. kelly also stressed a merger would require millions of dollars from the state and decision to merge or not would have to be approved by voters in both cities. is still collecting data. we have a trent brown to bed losing weeks and lost cornerbacks both times. cody kessler get his chance sunday at miami. he takes over for josh mccown who is recovering from the shoulder injury. he sees out this week and then day today but you have to think he will miss more time than that. charlie whitehurst has been signed as a backup for the browns. indians and royals tonight at the ballpark. looking at the drive times we are tracking delays and waiting for this accident to
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accident to clear 71 n. near denison avenue. right lane is open but the shoulder is blocked. we see slowing it's about a 5- 10 minute delay into downtown on 71 n. and also a five-minute delay on 90 east into downtown and 77 n. into downtown. we're tracking sunshine. it's up in about 20 minutes. low to middle 80s through friday. lots of sunshine as well. autumn arrives thursday morning. we fall back into normal temperatures after that front comes through. 20% of solar savings. the most search thing on a website is the bluetooth headset the charges itself tomorrow home energy savings up to 30%.
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morning during the today show.
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more questions than answers about the suspect in the bombing attacks in new york and new jersey. ahmad rahami hospitalized this morning after a shoot-out with police. investigators focusing on his trips overseas and the possible motive for the terror spree. his father speaking out to nbc news. >> did you know that your son was doing this? >> no. no. >> you had no idea. >> no idea. >> the very latest on the investigation. blame game in the wake of the bombings. donald trump and hillary clinton accuse each other of making the country less safe. >> hillary clinton's decisions overseas have left us with the threat we face today. >> donald trump is being used as a recruiting sergeant for the


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